Mick, Pete and the guys are wonderfully daft for doing a Max Webster tribute CD, and I'm sure Kim is dutifully amused. But the skill, creativity and obvious elbow grease they've put into this thing belies the guys as classic rock experts and consummate pros. Of course, their taste in music as loopy and as challenging as Max, coupled with their NWOBHM experiences, no doubt helped the guys forge their sound, and the result is a series of tough and gritty takes on Max's swirling circus of sound.
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During one of our many discussions on the merits of Kim Mitchell and Max Webster (and later Gary McCracken), Mick and I touched on the fact of how it was criminal that not nearly enough people in England appreciated, or were even aware of this amazing legacy and talent. Casually, and without realising the consequences and repercussions of what was about to be said, it was suggested between us that we should form a tribute band. Once it was said, I remember there being a moment of silence as we looked at each other, allowing the words and their meaning to just, hang there, in the air. Could we really do this? Could we really form a Max Webster tribute band? Would we do it, or were we just a couple of talkers?

Now... we were a drummer and a singer. That was it! Not only that, but we didn’t know anyone else who had the slightest inclination of who Max Webster were. Faced with this minor obstacle, if we were going to do this, how on earth were we going to find musicians who were, not only good enough, but also willing to dedicate their entire musical time to a project that they had no prior knowledge or appreciation of? I was reminded, once more, that no matter how smoothly your life may be going; at the drop of a hat we’re almost always willing to rock the boat for a taste of adventure.   (Extract from Album Booklet)

Climbing a Cloud Track List
1. Coming off the Moon
2. A Million Vacations
3. April in Toledo
4. Blowing the Blues Away
5. Words to Words
6. Distressed
7. (Higher than the Moon) Caught in the Web
8. Blue River Liquor Shine (Diamonds Diamonds)
9. Check
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